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The first HSC exam for 2018 is English paper 1 for Standard and Advanced. Students will start at 10:20 a.m. on Thursday 18th October.

Good Luck!




Term 4 2018

Tutoring for all students returns on Monday 15th October.

Juniors will have  a nine week term finishing on the 14th December.

Seniors will finish on the 7th December, so have an eight week term.



 2018 Calendar

Term 1

Tutoring will commence in 2018 on Monday, 5th February and finish on Friday, 13th April.


Term 2

Tutoring will commence on Monday, 30th April and finish on Friday, 6th July.


Term 3

Tutoring will commence on Monday, 23rd July and finish on Friday, 28th September.


Term 4

Tutoring will commence on Monday, 15th October and finish on Friday, 14th December.


Parental Concerns

Parents, having received your child's report or reviewed his or her NAPLAN results,  you may have concerns. Use our contact page to arrange an assessment and tuition in 2018.



Enrolments for 2018

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