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 2020 Calendar

Term 1

Tutoring will commence in 2020 on Monday, 3rd February and finish on Thursday, 9th April. The  Nowra Tutoring Solutions Term is for 10 weeks. (Fridays - 9 weeks because of Good Friday)


Term 2

Tutoring will commence on Monday, 27th April and finish on Friday, 3rd  July.


Term 3

Tutoring will commence on Monday, 20th  July and finish on Friday, 25th September.


Term 4

Tutoring will commence on Monday, 12th October and finish on Friday, 11th December. Year 11 and 12 students will finish on Friday, 4th  December.


Parental Concerns

Parents, having received your child's report or reviewed his or her NAPLAN results,  you may have concerns. Use our contact page to arrange an assessment and tuition for your child in 2020.



Enrolments for 2020

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